Home Decorating

The most asked question we receive is, “Do you have a particular style that you design?” Our response is always that it’s our job to create the style the client wants. As soon as we enter a home, we obtain a solid idea of what someone’s taste is, or once the project is discussed further, we determine the desired look and style the client wants to achieve. Whether you already have a set vision, or if you have no idea where to start, we can come alongside and help transform your home into a haven that fits not only your taste, but your lifestyle and needed functionality. Call for pricing: 619-718-0647

Home Remodeling & Renovating

Home remodels and renovations are the most effective way to make dramatic differences in a home. We do a wide array of remodels from large full home remodels, kitchens and bathrooms, to  small upgrades such as flooring, windows, built-ins, paneling and paint. We have fantastic relationships with many local contractors, vendors, manufacturers and suppliers of materials. This enables us to collaborate with individuals that are reliable, and do quality work. Moreover, our resource pool is large, and enables us to work with many different types of projects with different levels of “custom” work, different budgets and of course different needs. Call for pricing: 619-718-0647

Commercial Interior Design | Restaurants, Office Spaces, Retail

J Hill Interior Designs has a unique advantage to commercial interiors from our extensive background in branding and marketing. Lead designer, Jessica Tompane, believes that how you design your commercial space directly molds and creates your brand, product/service and company culture. This service is offered to restaurants (franchises or boutique restaurants), office spaces big or small, and store front spaces as well. We also work with experienced commercial industry partners that make our work efficient and quality based. Call to set up first meeting: 619-718-0647

Comprehensive Home Consultations (2-4 Hours)

Sometimes all you need is guidance or an unbiased, professional opinion. Some common pitfall areas many people struggle with are selecting paint colors, creating a cohesive look throughout the home, and/or to have it “all come together”. Many people use our consultation service for these needs. This is a good option for either people on a budget, or those with small projects that can be done within 4 hours. Home consultations last 2-4 hours on average and come with a design consultation summary specifying all professional recommendations discussed. Pricing is a set cost of $450 for the first two hours, and $150/hour thereafter, up to 4 hours. Call to set up consultation: 619-718-0647

Custom Window Treatments & Fabric Concepts

Custom window treatments, tailored bedding, and beautiful, unique fabric concepts can make all the difference in a home. We have a plethora of fabric resources that enable us to scale our pricing from practical to elite concepts. We also have endless fabric options to tailor a design to your needs and taste. Lastly, our numerous window treatment vendors offer quality work with quality products. Call to set up a first meeting: 619-718-0647

Design Concepts for Developers | Staging for Sale

J Hill Interior Designs works alongside developers and investors to arrange concepts in the event of a new construction development or a remodel-flip project. It is time-inefficient for the developer to be choosing flooring, paint colors, counter tops, back splashes, etc., in a pending project.  We can easily and efficiently take that role and produce comprehensive concepts for the project with the target audience in mind, re-sell, and ROI. Upon sell, J Hill Interior Designs can also develop space plans for how it will be staged, and consult in actual staged look.

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