Traditional vs. Contemporary Design? Why Not Both?

Often times people love the feel of a traditional design but want the feel of a newer, more modern home. Mixing elements of the two designs can be simple enough to accomplish the space you’ve always dreamed about.

The architectural style of a home does not have to define the interior. Despite the exterior of a traditional home, the interior decoration can be a mix of traditional with contemporary and modern pieces. Contemporary furniture in a home with an emphasis on tradition can be unexpected and catch the eye. An eclectic composition avoids style clichés and allows the homeowner to make it uniquely their own. Be spontaneous with design! It is the unexpected choice of design that defies tradition. The contrast of hard and soft is a style on its own, breaking the ordinary rhythm of traditional design. What ties the two together is the color palette. No matter what furniture pieces are in a space, the color palette creates a cohesive design.

In contrary, the modern edge of a newer home can be transformed into a warmer environment through the implementation of timeless pieces, reminiscent of the old world. Incorporating traditional with contemporary in a design can transform a space into something unexpected and artistic. Characterizing the modern style with a surprising focal point creates maximum impact for a design. Charm can easily be developed in any room with an eclectic mix of old standing against new. Hard lines of the contemporary style can be broken down through accents of soft, artful decor.

Another way to blend old with new is through a vintage country blend. Incorporating rustic furniture with the contemporary design of a home is a cutting-edge way to get away from typical design styles. Vintage items like chrome pendant lights and a farmhouse sink combined in a kitchen with dark hard wood cabinets and modern appliances is a surprising element in a home! Characterize your style; if you are envisioning a contrast of modern with rustic then go for it!




Funky Friday

Happy Funky Friday Everyone! Below is a fun colorful dining nook that we found from and we here at J Hill Interior Designs adore it!  As you can see below sometimes just adding a bit of color can create that spunky, funky, fun touch your looking for without breaking the bank.

Funky Friday Space of the Week: Colorful Breakfast Nook

Funky Friday Space of the Week: Colorful Breakfast Nook




 Set of 2 Urban Outfitters Cafe Chair

Set of 2 Urban Outfitters Cafe Chair $149.00




Emily Round Dining Table : Living Spaces $395.00




Prestige Fuchsia Pillow: Embroidered

Embroidered Fuchsia Pillow: Moroccan Prestige $135.00




C Wonder Home Decor Throw Pillows : C Wonder $20.00 – $49.99




Textile Thursday

Happy Textile Thursday Everyone! Below is a photo of just a few of the fabric choices were proposing for a current client. 


Modern Monday

It’s Modern Monday! This classic Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair is and always will be a key modern piece that will never go out of style.  For a more budget friendly version of this chair please check out For more about the history of this modern piece please visit Learn more on #Jhillinteriordesigns #Sandiegointeriordesigner #Modernmonday


Textile Thursday’s

Happy Textile Thursday! Today  at J Hill Interior Designs we put together a couple different color stories that we created with fabric swatches which were used for a recent client.  Check them out below and tell us what you think!





Coastal Comfort


Classic Transitional 











Happy Modern Monday!



Happy Modern Monday! Below is a Romantic Modern concept that we here at J Hill Interior Designs are working on for a client. What we love about this design concept is how crisp and clean this space looks without looking uncomfortable to live in. Making the color palette neutral with a dash of creams and metallic velvets accented by a medium toned word flooring creates a clean yet soft look that anyone can enjoy. Also by using a mixture of different textures and textiles such as a hard, crisp nightstand paired with a  oversized glass lamp and a rough, organic look of the round stools at the foot of the bed creates a great balance of texture within the space.

Romantic Modern Bedroom Concept

Romantic Modern Bedroom Concept


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Happy Funky Friday!

Colorful, Funky Dining Space

Happy Funky Friday! Check out this colorful funky dining space. We here a J Hill Interior Designs are loving the small yet bold pops of color that are being used in this space. With the addition of the chevron patterned rug infused with the bold colors beings used creates a bold, fresh new look that everyone can love!

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Funky Friday Finds

Funky Dining Room

Happy Funky Friday Finds Everyone! We here at J Hill Interior Designs are loving this fun and funky dining space. We admire the designer’s intuition for using a variety of  patterns regarding fabric and wallpaper with the addition of fun and elegant decor and a neutral palette showcases funk and character to this dining experience!


Modern Monday Pick of The Week

J Hill Interior Designs

Modern Living Spaces

There are so many different avenues of modernism that a designer can explore with a client. If your looking for some basic guidelines look no further! This living space showcases key modern pieces such as the famous Noguchi glass table, a sleek leather sofa’s that’s paired with a stunning  colorful chandelier that can work for any style. Don’t be afraid to go bold with painting your built-in’s any other color than white. This black painted built-in is the perfect accent piece to a light herringbone patterned wood flooring.   Modernism is all about going bold wether it consists of furniture selection, statement accent pieces, or even color!

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The Importance of Décor Styling

The importance of decor styling is a topic of conversation we have often. One question that many of our clients ask is, “How do you coordinate all the little details and finish the space off so well?” The answer lies is creating a careful balance between the principle components of the home (larger items or influences), with the smaller components (décor and accessories). Examples of the principle components would be the rug, couch, accent chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, paint colors and the tone/stain of the flooring and cabinetry. Examples of the smaller components would be lamps, art, table accessories, pillows, curtains, wall décor and plants. The principle components are what grounds a good design, whereas the little details are what bring a space together, and creates the “pop” in the room. We call this décor styling.

Décor styling is what creates character and interest in a space. We always strive to pick pieces and concepts that speak to the client, their lifestyle and what is most important to them. I’ll start with saying that coordinating pillows, rugs and curtains in a cohesive manner is one of the biggest ways to make a room come together.  We suggest buying the rug first, and then selecting pillows and curtains thereafter. The second most influential decision in décor styling is selecting the proper artwork. Especially If the client’s artwork is priority, strategically selecting pieces of sculptures or wall artwork first throughout the home is necessary. If artwork is a priority for you, I would suggest selecting a piece first, and then basing the rest of the room off of the colors and feel of the art piece.  Pay attention to the stronger tones/colors in the art piece, and also the secondary colors of the artwork.  I recommend using the artwork’s secondary colors as a main color in the home such as in the wall paint color, color of couch, or curtains/rug.

For smaller décor pieces, if the client is a reader, stacking books on shelving and coffee tables would be appropriate. With families, we typically use a lot of picture frames to give color and personality to the home, which also allows them to display family photos. We also highly recommend adding plant life to areas. It immediately creates of homey, soften feel.

In conclusion, the best advice we can give you is to mix elements when styling. Use tall pieces mixed with foliage, books, and decorative sculptures. Use modern pieces with traditional pieces. Use bolder colors with lighter colors. Don’t be matchy-matchy. Use all different tones of a color to prevent it from looking like a “model home”.  Mix wood tones, and neutral colors (blacks with browns, crèmes with whites, grays with blacks, etc). Most importantly, go out on a limb, and don’t play it super safe. Our best designs have come out when we took a risk. It’s worth it! See a few examples below of how to implement décor styling.

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Happy Styling!



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